Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Old video clip of Kate


Weighing babies


Shaved ice

Kate won a goldfish, that promptly died. (Dave thought he would win it for her, but she won it herself)

You can see Penny (Emma's pony) in the background the last pic we have of sad

We walked all the kids to coffee and ice cream, and not realizing we had Penny we lost her on the way there.  She fell asleep and must of dropped her.  We are all still a little heartbroken. We made flyers, hunted and hunted, but no Penny.

Summer!  Since we had a baby at the end of May Dave took off three weeks!  First we did a whole lot of sleeping then we ventured to my parents and celebrated Kate's 4th birthday!  Can't believe she is 4.  Then we headed back for some Santa Cruz trips, more laying in bed, farmers market trips, strawberry picking, a trip to the annual nativity carnival, eating outside.  It was very sad when Dave had to go back to work, and look forward to his next vacation. 

Monday, June 18, 2012


Love it when babies make cute little smiles


all my babies...Johnny next

Sunday, June 17, 2012

Kate photos

 Looking back at pics of Kate and Emma and it is annoying because our computer did something with all my pics of Kate.  So this time when i found them i decided to post some of her 1st and 2nd month  to my blog.

and an old unseen pic of Anna and blankie